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Please forward this error screen to 208. Location of Castro 10 basic steps to christian maturity pdf within Alameda County, California.

Castro Valley is named after Don Guillermo Castro, who was a soldier in the Mexican army and a rancher. First known for chicken ranches, Castro Valley eventually became a bedroom community. With the arrival of Europeans, Castro Valley was part of the land granted to Mission San Jose in 1797. The area Castro Valley now occupies was part of the extensive colony of New Spain in what was the state of Alta California. This land grant included Hayward, San Lorenzo, and Castro Valley, including Crow Canyon, Cull Canyon, and Palomares Canyons.

The Jensen brothers also bought land from Atherton in 1867. During the 1940s and 1950s, Castro Valley was known for its chicken ranches. Later it developed into a bedroom community, where workers live and commute to their jobs in the surrounding communities. Lake Chabot lies in the northwest part of Castro Valley. Directly to the west is San Leandro. The eastern hills of Castro Valley constitute the headwaters of the San Lorenzo Creek watershed and the origin of several creeks that flow into San Lorenzo Creek: Bolinas, Castro Valley, Chabot, Crow, Cull, Eden, Hollis, Kelly Canyon, Norris, and Palomares Creeks. Interstate 580, with BART tracks in the center, near Castro Valley.

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