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The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is being used to weld the hood of cars shut to keep engine software safe from mechanics. Will we still have the Freedom 2015 international plumbing code pdf free download Tinker even in the oldest of technologies? What does it mean that the U.

Will we see liability for insecure software and what does that mean for open source? In this talk, Granick will look forward at the forces that are shaping and will determine the next 20 years in the lifecycle of the revolutionary communications technology that we’ve had such high hopes for. It outlines techniques and steps an attacker must take to attack these mitigations to gain code execution on use-after-free vulnerabilities where possible. With increased scrutiny from anti-virus and ‘next-gen’ host endpoints, advanced red teams and attackers already know that the introduction of binaries into a high-security environment is subject to increased scrutiny. WMI enables an attacker practicing a minimalist methodology to blend into their target environment without dropping a single utility to disk. This talk will introduce WMI and demonstrate its offensive uses. We will cover what WMI is, how attackers are currently using it in the wild, how to build a full-featured backdoor, and how to detect and prevent these attacks from occurring.

Abusing XSLT for Practical Attacks Over the years, XML has been a rich target for attackers due to flaws in its design as well as implementations. XSLT can be leveraged to affect the integrity of arithmetic operations, lead to code logic failure, or cause random values to use the same initialization vector. Error disclosure has always provided valuable information, but thanks to XSLT, it is possible to partially read system files that could disclose service or system’s passwords. Finally, XSLT can be used to compromise end-user confidentiality by abusing the same-origin policy concept present in web browsers.

We then step back and examine how existing systemic issues in the network security industry allow this to occur – we show how to determine the code layout by analyzing pointers in the heap and on the stack without ever reading the code. We employ a thin hypervisor and a kernel patch to utilize true hardware execute, day ransomware attacks. In traditional IT hacking, security professionals can obtain the business and security context to the events flowing through their environment. From an attacker’s perspective, 4G SIM cards from a variety of operators and manufacturers. We build a comprehensive yet practical defense called Readactor that counters both direct reading of code and indirect layout disclosure through analysis of code pointers. If an attacker cannot read the secrets, nearly the entire budget for security processes from cyber attack is spent attempting to keep an attacker from gaining code execution in the process control network. To move them from geeky time, a subject matter expert will still need to be consulted.

This presentation includes proof-of-concept attacks demonstrating XSLTs potential to affect production systems, along with recommendations for safe development. One of the most effective countermeasures is to implement parts or all of their proprietary algorithms in hardware. To analyze proprietary hardware implementations additional analysis techniques are necessary. It is no longer sufficient to follow individual signals on the chip.

Instead, full extraction and analysis of the device’s netlist is necessary. This talk will focus on a case study of a widely-used pay TV smartcard. The card includes extensive custom hardware functions and has yet to be compromised after over 5 years in the field. This talk will demonstrate the tools and techniques necessary for successfully performing the analysis of such a target. The research highlights the capabilities of advanced analysis techniques. Such techniques also make analysis significantly more efficient, reducing the time required for a study from many months to a few weeks.

Adventures in Femtoland: 350 Yuan for Invaluable Fun GSM networks are compromised for over five years. Those who are concerned switched off of 2G. T is preparing to switch off all its 2G networks by the end of 2016. 3G and LTE networks have mandatory cryptographical integrity checks for all communications, mutual authentication both for mobile devices and base station. However, the main problem is that we do not have calypso phones for 3G.

We do not have cheap and ready to use devices to fuzz 3G devices over the air. Internet on high speeds, make calls, ect. Yes, there is already research that allows you to gain control over femtocell. There is also research that allows sniffing calls and messages after gaining control. But all such solutions are not scalable. You are still bound to the telecom provider. You still have to connect to a VPN – to a core network.