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Register Here you can register to join Mini-Basketball England and to receive more information about what we do and who we are. Downloading files Basketball rules for kids pdf are word and pdf files available for download throughout this website. Click on any photo throughout the website to view a larger version.

The game offers the opportunity to develop the important skills of running, jumping, change of speed and direction, handling a ball, and shooting at a target. Registration with Mini-Basketball England is completely free. Up to date information on Take Six Mini-Basketball. Membership of Basketball England to include all benefits other than free insurance. Mini Basketball is the children’s version of the game of basketball played with a smaller ball, lower equipment and simplified rules.

Mini-Basketball recognises the significant elements of the game of basketball which are appropriate to the age and stage of the child’s development. Mini-Basketball has a philosophy based on the needs of the growing child. A Sporting Lifestyle Mini-basketball prepares children for a sporting lifestyle as part of their overall education and as an introduction to the sport of basketball. By modifying the basketball rules to suite the child we cater for the individual at an appropriate level for their physical ability, mental development and social maturity. Our aim is to ensure that players, teachers, coaches and leaders all enjoy a positive experience when they are first involved in organised competitive mini-basketball. We also need to ensure this enthusiasm continues as they go on to play basketball. Take Six’ Mini-Basketball provides the link between curricular games and activities in lessons and club sessions, through to the full Mini-Basketball game rules.

In Take Six Mini-Basketball children learn to officiate as well as play the game. There is guidance for introducing the important role of refereeing to children as well as how to integrate Top Play and Top Sport activities into lessons. There is a special performance award scheme and photocopiable bookmarks and certificates to award as incentives. 2017 Soccer League The Haddam-Killingworth Youth Soccer League is open to all Haddam and Killingworth children in the 1st through 5th grades. All players must attend the skills assessment in person.

All players who attend will be placed on a team. Please go to our registration page. Participants must register on-line or by mail before coming to one of the skills assessments. The players will be evaluated by UKI Soccer Coaches. Please arrive 15 minutes before your assigned time slot to check in. All players need to report ready to play. Please wear cleats and shin guards.

Bring sneakers or indoor soccer shoes if moved indoors. Please note: Divisions may have to be realigned depending upon the number of players signing up. Practices: Times and locations of practices are at the discretion of the coach. Equipment: Each player receives a team uniform top. Players provide shorts, soccer socks, and soccer shoes. We recommend that each child have their own soccer ball, with their name on it. Please contact us if you you interested in sponsoring a 2017 team.

It is understood that players are expected to be at their team’s practices and games. If a player will be late or unable to attend, the coach should be notified beforehand. Balanced teams are our first priority. We will try to honor your request, but we cannot guarantee this. Parents are expected to act in a sportsmanlike manner when watching games. Abusive language and behavior directed towards players, coaches, and referees will not be tolerated. Once teams are selected, players cannot be moved to other teams.

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