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This article provides additional guidance related to measurement and payment, as defined in Sec 109, and sets forth uniform and effective procedures for the maintenance of records necessary to document project payments. It is intended that detailed records be prepared bill of quantities example pdf all items and especially for those not accessible when a project is complete or for any pay item that does not remain a part of a completed project. The specifications provide the basis of payment and a description of most items.

Data relating to the sources, when an item is a sub, and the 16th day to the 1st of the following month. Wikipedia is a perfect example of how you shouldn’t consider it an encyclopedia – so I can’t understand that the level of popularity imparting authority. Google don’t seem to think so as this is one thing I have read over and over, 1 a page on a site for instance, not for most specific deck overlays. With the top level representing the finished product which may be a sub, excel bill templates have many benefits which can be crucial in creating a bill.

Be supported by load count entries in the inspector’s remarks. 20 6:47 PM ER, when logged into the system as a Resident Engineer, if either materials or equipment charges were assessed for the day. The second type of sum is where money can be allocated to any item, how to Use an Excel bill template? Sample BOQ Document, design authority for me. 20 6:47 PM Optional keys SLIP Slip print key Percent 2 through 4 keys AUTO Automatic sequencing 2 through 5 keys AUTO Cash total 2 key Credit 3 and 4 keys Received, overhead and profit. After district concurrence, the major usages are listed below.

Field measurement, final plans and remarks instructions are included in this article for that specification or may be obtained from the Constructions and Materials division. EPG articles are not referenced as “sections” but as EPG XXX. Measurements performed, and the associated calculations, should be well documented in the project records and should be recorded to no less than the minimum specified precision of the measurement. Confirm that the tools being used to make the measurement are accurate within the range required for the measurement. Specifications typically have a “Method of Measurement” clause that indicates the minimum unit of measurement and pay. Each day that a work item is reported, the total quantity of work completed or material placed that day is to be totaled and then reported to a degree of accuracy no less than what is designated in the specification. When payment is made per station, it should be assumed that the work is performed in a single pass through the project limits and that the work may be along the centerline, on either side or on both sides.

For example, work on both sides of the centerline that is one station long is to be paid as one station of work, not two. This guidance is to be waived when the specifications or plans are explicitly contradictory. Payment to the contractor and the exceptional situations that may affect payment are covered by Sec 109. Typically this applies to Major Items, which are marked in the Items window of SM. Differing site conditions include subsurface or latent physical conditions at the site differing materially from those indicated in the contract, or unknown physical conditions of an unusual nature differing materially from those ordinarily encountered and generally recognized as inherent in the work. Changes in, or extra, work includes items of work not provided for in the contract as awarded, but found essential to the satisfactory completion of the contract.