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The Solution for Creating and Editing PDF Documents. Bit field in c pdf features are provided through our free CutePDF Editor. A bit field is a data structure used in computer programming.

Within microprocessors and other logic devices, collections of bit fields called “flags” are commonly used to control or to indicate the intermediate state or outcome of particular operations. A bit field is distinguished from a bit array in that the latter is used to store a large set of bits indexed by integers and is often wider than any integral type supported by the language. Bit fields can be used to reduce memory consumption when a program requires a number of integer variables which always will have low values. Having a number of these tiny variables share a bit field allows efficient packaging of data in the memory. In this case, the programmer can declare a structure for a bit field which labels and determines the width of several subfields.

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For languages lacking native bitfields, or where the programmer wants strict control over the resulting bit representation, it is possible to manually manipulate bits within a larger word type. In this case, the programmer can set, test, and change the bits in the field using combinations of masking and bitwise operations. The layout of bit fields in a C struct is implementation-defined. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards.

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