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Check out home health service providers? File a complaint about a health care facility? Some of the features on CT. Our Department has roots that date back to before 1773. This article needs additional citations for verification. The 24-hour clock is the convention of time keeping in which the day runs from midnight to midnight and is divided into 24 hours, indicated by the hours passed since midnight, from 0 to 23.

A limited number of countries, particularly English-speaking nations, use the 12-hour clock as a standard, or a mixture of the 24- and 12-hour time systems. In countries where the 12-hour clock is still dominant, some professions prefer to use the 24-hour clock. A Russian 24 hour watch for polar expeditions from 1969, made by Soviet watchmaker Raketa. Polar nights or days make it necessary to use a 24-hour scale instead of 12.

The most commonly used separator symbol between hours, minutes and seconds is the colon, which is also the symbol used in ISO 8601. In East Asia, time notation was 24-hour before westernization in modern times. Western-made clocks were changed into 12 dual-hours style when they were shipped to China in the Qing dynasty. In the 24-hour time notation, the day begins at midnight, 00:00, and the last minute of the day begins at 23:59.

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24:00 of one day is the same time as 00:00 of the following day. The notation 24:00 mainly serves to refer to the exact end of a day in a time interval. Similarly, some railway timetables show 00:00 as departure time and 24:00 as arrival time. Legal contracts often run from the start date at 00:00 until the end date at 24:00. Style guides and military communication regulations in some English-speaking countries discourage the use of 24:00 even in the 24-hour notation, and recommend reporting times near midnight as 23:59 or 00:01 instead. Danish multi-ride ticket with non-standard timestamp “27:45”. However, they have been used occasionally in some special contexts in the UK, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and China where business hours extend beyond midnight, such as broadcast television production and scheduling.

In most countries, computers by default show the time in 24-hour notation. For example, Microsoft Windows and macOS activate the 12-hour notation by default only if a computer is in a handful of specific language and region settings. The 24-hour system is commonly used in text-based interfaces. In American and Canadian English, the term military time is a synonym for the 24-hour clock. In these dialects, the time of day is customarily given almost exclusively using the 12-hour clock notation, which counts the hours of the day as 12, 1, , 11 with suffixes a. Leading zeros are always written out and are required to be spoken, so 5:43 a. Military time zones are lettered and thus given word designations via the NATO phonetic alphabet.