Causes of disequilibrium in balance of payment pdf

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Overall account of BOP is always in equilibrium. This balance or equilibrium is only in accounting sense because deficit or surplus is restored with the help of capital account. In fact, when we talk of disequilibrium, it refers to current account of balance of payment. Causes of disequilibrium in balance of payment pdf autonomous receipts are less than autonomous payments, the balance of payment is in deficit reflecting disequilibrium in balance of payment.

There are several factors which cause disequilibrium in the BOP indicating either surplus or deficit. New sources of supply and new substitutes. Experience shows that political instability and disturbances cause large capital outflows and hinder Inflows of foreign capital. High population growth in poor countries adversely affects their BOP because it increases the needs of the countries for imports and decreases their capacity to export. Exports should be encouraged by granting various bounties to manufacturers and exporters. At the same time, imports should be discouraged by undertaking import substitution and imposing reasonable tariffs.

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Restrictions and Import Substitution are other measures of correcting disequilibrium. Therefore, government should check inflation and lower the prices in the country. Government should control foreign exchange by ordering all exporters to surrender their foreign exchange to the central bank and then ration out among licensed importers. Devaluation is done by a government order when a country has adopted a fixed exchange rate system. Care should be taken that devaluation should not cause rise in internal price level. Like devaluation, depreciation leads to fall in external purchasing power of home currency. Mind, devaluation is done in fixed exchange rate system.