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While it control of electrical drives leonhard pdf appreciated that breakdown of plant may result in costly interruption of normal building operation, it must also be borne in mind that stopping plant for maintenance can also cause a loss in production. Equipment on continuous and arduous duty, e. This requires analysis of the past and future maintenance costs and the benefits of new equipment.

There has been much operational research carried out into such things as the probability of breakdown, replacement and repair limits, and overhaul policies. This obviously requires considerable effort and expertise and may need the services of a specialist consultant. However, some simple initial steps can be taken as far as the economic and energy efficiency is concerned for maintenance of electrical equipment in buildings. This information should give some idea of which plant requires attention and at what intervals.

It may also lead to improvements to the plant itself which will reduce the frequency of future failures. All planned maintenance should therefore have been agreed with the relevant operation manager prior to implementation. Examples of low priority maintenance are equipment that is not subject to breakdown, e. While the setting up of a successful maintenance operation is not an easy task, the economic advantages can be considerable.

Replacement of less efficient lamps with more energy efficient lamps. Replacing electro-mechanical control devices to electronic systems. Installing new high efficiency motors to replace old motors particularly where extended duty operations prevail. Retrofitting VSDs for flow control of fans or pumps. The economics of changing inefficient existing systems, which are continuing to provide a satisfactory operational performance, obviously requires careful consideration. Not only the costs of new equipment need to be understood, but also equipment life can have a significant impact on the overall financial viability of any proposed changes.

Planned Maintenance Programme’ for all essential electrical power distribution installations and equipment in buildings to reduce the frequency of emergency maintenance tasks. These regulations are mandatory and serve to ensure that all electrical plants and equipment areadequately maintained and tested to prevent any dangerous situation arising that could harm the users of such equipment or the building occupants. Planned maintenance can be carried out on the basis of the operation of the piece of electrical equipment itself. For example, it is worth considering whether all electric motors should be periodically cleaned and inspected, making sure that dirt and dust has not interfered with the self cooling of the motor and that there is no oil leakage into the motor’ s windings. Bearing should also be checked for wear and tear to prevent contact between the rotor and stator.

Maintenance can also be based on the complete item of plant, or auxiliary plant, such as the central air conditioning plant of a tall building. Upgrading the equipment to keep up with technology is a great way to increase the efficiency of your plant. The savings from the efficiency increases will translate into profits. As an added bonus, these upgrades are often safer as well. I have always found learning about electrician work interesting. It is neat that energy saving can be achieved by changing the type of equipment in use.

Just saving a little bit of energy here and there really can go a long way. I’m fascinated by the electric power plants and how its distributed from power plant to industries, manufacturing , commercial, and household. Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply. Tell us what you’re thinking we care about your opinion! Get access to premium electrical guides, technical articles and much more! 2018 EEP – Electrical Engineering Portal.

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