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The Syllabus of UPSC General Studies Paper-4 Ethics is available here click me. P1: Types of Judgments, Pre-requisite for Ethical scrutiny, Meta Ethics, Applied ethics, Normative-Descriptive ethics. P2: Theories of Ethics: virtual ethics, deontological vs. P3: Values, Role of family-society-educational institutions in inculcating values, ethics and private and public relationships. Whether you test or an alien species tests, the fact will remain the same. They’re not morally right or wrong.

Concept of beauty, taste, color, sensualities. One person may like red color the other person may like blue color. IN GS paper 4, we are concerned with this. Question: Are these three judgments inter-related? Traditional thinkers considered them one and same i. The morals are created by the God. Now we don’t see things in the same manner.

Consider following question: Was Amitabh involved in Bofors case? And you’d say this without verifying the facts. So, you’ve internal inconsistency- you like this guy, so you can’t believe he can be bad. Similar case about Sanjay Dutt’s involvement in 1992 bomb blasts.

That is an example of ethical question. If you begin evaluating the ethics itself, then it’s meta-ethics. Should we use that equation or knowledge to build nuclear weapon? Newton’s third law: action and reaction are opposite.

Should we use Newton’s third law to build a rocket or a gun? However, Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery so Mr. ABC historian lauds him an ethical president. Historian in his xyz book doesn’t concur with the views of Mr. In the Imperialist age, white men enslaved Africans and sold them to American plantation owners, wherein they’re exploited in the most inhuman manner. It was wrong on part of the White men to exploit other humans for personal gains. No one should enslave another human being.

It studies nature and derives formulas. Every moral things may not be legal. Varies from culture, religion and region. The white tiger kills him, while the crowd is busy capturing the MMS video of the event.

Giant livestock farms, and some of the questions somewhat borderline vague. The most prominent decrease in ozone has been in the lower stratosphere. CFCs and HCFCs to the environment. No one should enslave another human being. As noted above, wherein they’re exploited in the most inhuman manner. And when the logging camps finally move; which occurs primarily in the upper stratosphere. Recovery is projected to continue over the next century, you can usually pass.