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Adults need to know the reason for learning fostering critical reflection in adulthood pdf. Adults have a self-concept that they are self-directing human beings. They resist or resent instances when others impose their will on them.

Think of the resistance to compliance or other training that is forced on them. Adults enter a learning situation with a wealth of experience. This may serve as a resource to make learning meaningful. Adults become ready to learn when the experience will help them deal with life situations, such as performing tasks relevant to their social role. Adults are life-centered or problem-centered in their desire to learn. They are motivated when they see that learning will solve real-life situations. Although adults are motivated by external rewards, the most powerful motivators are internal pressures.

Although it seems obvious that adults are at a different point in their lifecycle than children, the six assumptions were criticized by some as being too rigid. For example, when adults are learning something new they may prefer being led by a teacher. And some young learners are able to be self-directed in their learning. Transformative Learning In the world of academia, there are many other theories that relate to adult learning. One that I thought would be of interest to you and that I wanted to explore in more depth is transformative or transformational learning.

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It is now one of the dominant theories in the world of adult learning even though it was introduced decades ago. Transformative learning refers to those learning experiences that cause a shift in an individual’s perspective. This happens when adult learners change their assumptions or expectations. What often follows is a change in their frame of reference for interpretation and understanding.

Often transformative learning is a result of a life change, such as a parent who re-enters the workforce after raising children, people who are newly diagnosed as HIV-positive, or adults who became entrepreneurs after years of working in structured organizations. It can also result from less dramatic changes, such as older adults who begin to use the Internet or a person who becomes an activist in a meaningful social organization. How to Foster Transformative Learning From the perspective of those who design learning experiences, you may be wondering how can we foster these deep and enduring transformations? Several studies showed that transformative learning is fostered by establishing supportive and trusting relationships. This is the basis for dialogue and discourse, discussed later.

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