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Please forward this error screen to 185. For the historical founder of the Shaolin Temple, see Batuo. This article needs additional citations for verification. Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Intron depot 1 pdf Batou.

Masamune Shirow’s Ghost in the Shell series. Batou’s serves as pointman whose combat specialty is “near combat. Batou often acts as the Section 9 team’s comedic relief. Batou enjoys jogging and weightlifting as a hobby.

Shirow’s characterization of Batou in the manga, and indeed the other members of Section 9, is notably more light-hearted than the characterization used in Mamoru Oshii’s films of the same name. His eyes, though cybernetic, often bulge comically when he is alarmed. Batou had seemingly hated anyone who tried to make Section 9 fix the mess of another organization, such as the AI hijacking of the Jigabachi choppers in the SAC series. However, in the Ghost in the Shell movie he appears more stoic and silent than his TV and manga counterpart. Particularly in Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, Batou also appears moderately distant and possibly bitter.

Stand Alone Complex character designer Hajime Shimomura said that Batou’s image was based on the Minotaur. It also means “eight-headed” in Mandarin Chinese, which is significant since “Kusanagi” was the name of a sword that was taken from Orochi, an eight-headed and eight-tailed mountain dragon in Japanese mythology. Of all Section 9 characters, Batou is closest with the Major professionally and in civilian life. Even on missions, he is known to disregard her rank or authority to “speak freely” without permission.

Richard Epcar is his most iconic English voice actor. David Kaye voices Batou in the Ocean dubs of GitS. Chris Sabat voices Batou in Arise and The New Movie. Batou originally appeared in the manga authored by Masamune Shirow, serialized in Kodansha’s “Young Magazine Pirate Edition” from 1989 to 1991. Batou spares the life of an ex-C. Batou makes good on his threat and personally terminates Koil. Machine Interface, Batou makes only a cameo appearance and is hardly recognizable.

His head is shaved, and he is dressed in a simple black outfit, though his sense of humor remains intact. The portrayal of Batou in Mamoru Oshii’s films is very different from the depiction in the anime series. Ghost in the Shell and Innocence depict a Batou who is much more subdued, even to the point of brusqueness. Batou is the central character of Innocence, which centers around his personal life after the disappearance of Major Motoko Kusanagi at the end of the first film. Oshii has commented that the investigation is really secondary to the plot. After shooting his own right arm as a result of brain-hacking, Batou is fitted with a new DNA-matched cybernetic arm with a shotgun hidden inside.

He is depicted as being tougher than in the other Ghost in the Shell incarnations, when he is seen to shoot two live grenades and survive the blast, and withstand a substantial leap down the shaft of the Locus Solus factory ship. Pilou Asbæk portrays Batou in the 2017 live action film. The manga is very philosophical, very weird, very spiritual,” said Asbæk. So I knew that my job with Batou was to bring in a little bit of heart and soul into this futuristic sci-fi world. In Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Batou’s personality closely resembles his manga counterpart. He is depicted as an outgoing jokester, but with a quick temper.

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