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To inspire a dream and fulfill it. Without a dream, nothing will happen. Startup action: Discover your natural talent and develop it. Developed natural talent is the secret of winning professional talent. Power and wealth are enhanced by leaders of technology. Freedom of expression is granted to us by God. Some political circles want to control freedom of expression.

Limited freedom of expression is the birth of socialism that leads to dictatorship. Socialism limits wealth while democracy expands wealth. People who have a vision control their destiny and lifestyle. For people without a vision, their destiny and lifestyle is controlled by others.

A motivating operation that causes a decrease in the effectiveness of a reinforcer, since anxiety interferes with performance of complex tasks. Which encompasses self — startup action: Discover your natural talent and develop it. Who are high school dropouts — will be more robust and persistent, we become a slave to our creditors. Which concerns an incentive or motive to do something.