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Add our Link To Your Website. Considering Becoming A Royal Arch Mason? Every Master Mason aspires to attain the summit of Ancient Craft Masonry. Many feel with regret that it is not practicable for them to share in all the light shed by the several royal arch degree pdf, but all wish most earnestly to receive all the light and instruction which pertains to the Ancient Craft-the origin and foundation of the Institution.

In the life of every Master Mason, moreover, there comes a time when he realizes that he has not yet attained that goal, that he Is not yet in possession of all the rights and light of a Master Mason, as these were known and understood by his ancient brethren. But he does not realize that the goal of his aspirations is near at hand-In the Royal Arch Degree. Most Excellent Grand High Priest, Everett E. Williams , welcomes you to the Official Web Site of The Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas. Please take your time while browsing our pages and come back as often as you like. Educating you about Masonry in general, and York Rite Masonry in particular is our mission.

If you have an interest in joining our great fraternity, contact any York Rite member. To find a York Rite companion just ask at your local Masonic Lodge. He’ll be glad to provide you with a petition for the degrees of York Rite Masonry and help you fill it out. The only requirement is that you be a Master Mason in good standing with your local Masonic Lodge. Would you like a seat with your name on it?

Or give a gift to a Companion who has passed. As great empires, towering Cathedrals and influential institutions are not completed in one generation, neither can we expect to complete our Masonic education in just three fundamental degrees. The degrees and orders of the York Rite are conferred by local Chapters, Councils and Commanderies in the intimate setting of local lodge rooms, with the added dramatic benefits of live theater. In addition, festivals are called from time to time at announced locations where all the degrees and orders can be received in one day, or during a weekend. Scottish Rite Masons who have not yet become Companions and Knights of the York Rite. The Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas, 2018.

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