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Please forward this error screen to 194. Do One Thing Autumn Term 2008 The Do One thing this term is called feeding wildlife. This page takes the topic further and seed dispersal worksheet pdf at the why plants produce seeds and fruits, and the ways in which seeds and fruits can be dispersed. How are seeds and fruits dispersed?

Seeds are formed in the female part of the flower after the ovule has been fertilised by pollen. When the male pollen and female ovule join, the ovule is fertilised. The fertilised ovule develops into a seed. This seed may eventually grow into a new plant. The ovary protects the seed as it develops.

The combination of fertilised ovule and ovary is called the fruit. In scientific terms, the word ‘fruit’ has a slightly different meaning to its everyday usage. Not all seeds land in a suitable place to grow. Some seeds do not even germinate, while others will die young, before the new plant is able to make seeds of its own.

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To overcome this problem, plants usually produce large numbers of seeds to make sure that some survive. Seeds and fruits are dispersed in four main ways. The flow chart below shows examples of common wild plants, and the many different ways in which these plants disperse their fruits and seeds. Click on the pictures to find out more about each. Acorns are collected and stored for winter food by small mammals such as squirrels and mice.

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