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Everyone’s reason for learning Chinese is different, from going to China for business, moving to Taiwan to teach English, or just to give thai for beginners pdf a challenge. The Text Unit, is practice-oriented, and its materials are drawn from daily life. The materials range from self-introduction to family, school, communication, and daily dialogues. The lessons included in the book cover basic situations like greeting people in the morning, asking where to buy something and making telephone calls.

While these may not seem the most exciting topics they are essential ones, so it’s worth keeping this book around and practicing a few chapters now and then as a supplement to your main studies. The great thing out the book is that it’s available in many languages, not just English. Portugese, French, Thai, Indonesian, German and Spanich version are available. Though, as Pinyin and Zhuyin pronunciations are included this shouldn’t be an issue for people who are learning Simplified and this might even be a good way to start learning some key words in Traditional Chinese.

Interesting is that I was not able to download this book from mainland china without VPN. I wonder what the licence of the book is, maybe I could host it. I have dwelt in N Sichuan since 2003. I downloaded 500 Words via Kickasstorrents.

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