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Get the latest updates straight to your inbox. Optimists believed central banking the forgotten man amity shlaes pdf moderate booms, soften busts, and place the economy on a steady trajectory of economic growth.

Federal Reserve in recent economic history. Expansionary monetary policy formed the basis of the soaring housing prices, excessive leverage, and mispricing of risk that characterized the Great Boom and the conditions for recession. Yet as Boom and Bust Banking also explains, the Great Recession was not an inevitable result of the Great Boom. Contrary to the conventional wisdom, the Federal Reserve in fact tightened rather than loosened the money supply in the early days of the recession. At the close of the most destructive economic episode in a half-century, Boom and Bust Banking reconsiders the justifications for central banking and reflects on possibilities for reform. With the future ripe for new thinking, this volume is essential for policy makers and concerned citizens who wish to learn from recent history. Monetary policy throughout the 2000s made the business cycle worse.

The story of the Great Recession of the 2000s begins with unsustainable economic growth that followed the 2001 recession. This expansion grew and pulled in many different parties, including builders, subprime borrowers, mortgage originators, investment bankers, rating agencies, and investors from around the world. It also elevated the importance of structured finance and the shadow banking system. The pace of the expansion accelerated and soon it became the Great Boom of the 2000s. When the economy began to contract in 2008, the Federal Reserve again followed the wrong monetary policy. This response turned what was initially a mild recession into the Great Recession.

Instead of dealing with the rapid increase in money demand, it focused on becoming lender of last resort on a scale so vast that it effectively turned the central bank into a central planner of credit. If the Federal Reserve is to avoid repeating its mistakes, it must adopt a new approach to monetary policy. The starting point for a better monetary policy is a rule that would require the Fed to stabilize nominal spending. This rule would be relatively simple to follow because it requires that policymakers know only the current value of the economy. Yes, these developments all came together to form a perfect global financial storm. But a global financial storm needs a global economic force strong enough to catalyze it. The twenty-first century opened with optimism, as first technology and then housing boomed, but by the end of the decade confidence had been drained.

In the United States, the epicenter of the Great Recession, output fell, unemployment skyrocketed, and budget deficits exploded. Why, after several decades of economic stability, did the boom-and-bust cycle return with such force? Most studies that attempt to answer this question neglect perhaps the single most powerful actor in the world economy today: the Federal Reserve. Boom and Bust Banking, edited by David Beckworth, remedies this deficiency by shifting the focus back to the U. Great Boom and the Great Recession of the 2000s.

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