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About Me I’m a sport scientist from the Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain. My main interests are exercise performance, strength training web developer cv pdf testing and new technologies. High Performance in Sports and i’ve authored several scientific papers on peer-review journals.

I’ve worked as consultant in exercise performance and currently i’m advising elite distance runners in their strength training programs. Finally, i give talks on the topic of exercise performance, strength training and testing and new technologies. I have given several talks in International Symposiums, Congresses or private events in Spain, France, the UK or the USA. To do this, 96 steps from 12 different runs at speeds ranging from 2. 1 were recorded simultaneously with Runmatic as well as with an opto-electronic device installed on a motorized treadmill to measure the contact and aerial time of each step. The purpose of this study was to analyze the validity and reliability of a wearable device to measure movement velocity during the back squat exercise. PURPOSE: The aim of this study is to examine the relationship between the relative load in full-squats and the height achieved in jump squat exercises, and to discover the load which maximizes the power output of high-level athletes.

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