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WHO, working in close cooperation with the UN regional commissions, to act as coordinator on road safety issues across the UN system. World road map pdf Collaboration is an informal consultative mechanism whose members are committed to road safety efforts and in particular to the implementation of the recommendations of the World report on road traffic injury prevention.

On 30 May 2017, the Seventieth World Health Assembly approved the Road map to enhance health sector engagement in the strategic approach to international chemicals management towards the 2020 goal and beyond. The road map identifies actions where the health sector has either a lead or important supporting role to play, recognizing the need for multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder cooperation. As individual Member States and other stakeholders have different priorities, based on their specific contexts, the actions are not presented in priority order. Furthermore, some of the actions are very broad, while others are quite specific. This variation is intentional and recognizes that Member States and other stakeholders have chosen different approaches to chemicals management and are at different stages of implementation.

The road map is intended to be a useful tool for identifying areas of primary focus for engagement and additional actions at the national, regional and international levels. It is hoped that Member States and others will define their own implementation plans for this road map, which will take into account the need to engage and cooperate with others as appropriate. 0 Comments New comments have been temporarily disabled. Helier Street Map City street map of Saint Helier, Jersey, UK. A guide to Parkour history, culture, and technique.

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